About the project
What is Transact?


It is a product of Workshare that allows transaction lawyers to manage deals more efficiently and securely than when using traditional email methods. The platform supports the process of the deal from the beginning to end by reducing a huge amount of repeated operational tasks.



What was I asked to do?


Transact became a new part of workshare after it was acquired. As in Workshare, every product had its own product logo then also Transact needed its own product logo that fits with the look and feel of Workshare. My goal was to create this logo.


Where did I start from?


On the following image are the product logos Workshare already had. Transact logo needed to feel like one family with the existing logos.

The process
Define & research


I started the process by interviewing the stakeholders to understand the core of the product and the benefit it brings to its users. Transact is about helping lawyers to manage and track transaction-related documents and get them signed.

Secondly, I researched the competitors of the product to understand the context and playground this product will be branded in and compared with.

As this new logo was to become part of a bigger suite of Workshare products I specified the rules that the already existing logos followed and also the new logo needed to follow - colour circle background, 45-degree shadow downwards, the shape is simple, abstract, silhouette-like and with a thick line and with sharp corners.



Sketch and ideate


Pen and paper is my first step - I start with writing down words that I defined in the previous step and then move on to sketching them out as shapes and illustrations - I just take my notebook, put on good music and sit down on my beanbag chair and let the ideas come to me. Sometimes I also use synonyms dictionary or Wikipedia to trigger opening up my mind. 

I was lucky to have my stakeholders in the house so I could already discuss my sketches with them and choose together the ones that we could relate Transact to the most. 



Digitalize & test


After we had defined the primary ideas then I started to work on them in Adobe Illustrator. I took one idea and regenerated it in new ways. During that already placing it next to other product icons to make sure the style fits and the product family feels also like one family visually. When I had already done some versions I printed them out, then took a pencil and started analyzing and drawing all over them to generate new ideas or refine existing ones - also so I don't forget what choices I had already made to not repeat previous decisions.

Finally, we had 6 concepts that we started to test internally with stakeholders and also to understand overall what people related them with and if the concept was clear to a new pair of eyes.​

Refine and finish.


When the concept was chosen then the last step was to refine the smallest details of the logo and choose the colour. For this logo, it was fairly straight-forward as I was able to use only one colour and there was already 4 colours chosen before. After testing several different types of purple, grey, pink, magenta etc we agreed on the choice of using blueish-purple.​


Thanks for reading!