About the project
What is the story of Raincapsule?


Try to imagine a mum cycling home from the kindergarten with her kid on the back. They see the dark clouds and are hoping to get home before - they don't and it starts to rain heavily while they are on their way home. Luckily she is prepared as she has a raincoat for herself and Raincapsule for her kid - so when they do get home, even after heavy rain, they are both dry and happy.


Where did I start from?


Kairit came to me with the concept or a product that would keep her kid dry on the back of the bike if it rains. They were in the process of making the concept into a real product that is possible to produce and sell to other parents who love to cycle in Estonia - it rains a lot there :). Getting closer to the end product she turned to me to help her to create the brand for the product.‚Äč 


Thanks for reading!