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Janika is a UI/UX designer based in Estonia.


With a background in graphics design, she developed her specialisation in UI/UX design working for an agile software company in Shoreditch, London during the four years she lived there. Last 2 years, she worked in the Netherlands for a digital freight forwarding start-up disrupting the logistics world. 

Although she is now specialising in UI/UX design she still takes great pleasure in working for a project about creating a logo for a company or a poster for an event.


She believes that as a designer she is a translator between ideas and users, therefore, her goal is to turn complicated ideas into simple applications or experiences that give the user value and also a sense of delight. To achieve that she works following the Human Centered Design principles and makes sure throughout every step of the design process the user is heard.


Her colleagues and friends describe her as a small happy girl who is hard-working and passionate about anything she puts her mind to.


She is always excited to take on new projects that challenge and push her so feel free to contact her via email at